Empower Your Child’s Early Words: Experience Specialised Speech Therapy for 3-Year-Olds at Therapy Connect

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Support your child with communicating to their potential with online speech pathology at Therapy Connect. Our dedicated speech pathologists create personalised therapy sessions to help your child’s development.

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Simplifying Your Journey to Clear Communication

Therapy Connect’s team of highly experienced speech therapists will guide you through the therapy process. 

Clinical Service Planning Appointment

Book an appointment at your convenience, and connect with one a senior practitioner for a clinical service planning appointment. Our team are compassionate and knowledgeable speech therapists who have extensive experience working with children.

Collaborative Treatment

We work with parents and caregivers to craft a personalised therapy plan to help your child develop their communication skills, addressing speech, language, and articulation challenges.

Ongoing Support

Experience ongoing support with regular progress updates and evidence-based activities, ensuring your child thrives in communicating year after year.

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Tailor-Made Speech Solutions for Every Little Communicator

Therapy Connect is designed for families who believe in taking proactive steps towards their child’s communication abilities. It’s ideal for caregivers seeking flexible and effective speech interventions without spending time and associated costs on travel.

For Parents and Caregivers: Access speech therapy anywhere, at a time that suits you, ensuring the children in your care receive the support they need.

For Health Professionals: Partner with us for innovative speech therapy services that complement your treatment plans.

Therapy Connect – Your Partners in Navigating Childhood Communication

At Therapy Connect, we champion your child’s communication journey. As Australia’s leading registered NDIS online allied health provider, we proudly offer speech therapy that caters to children with autism and developmental delays. Partner with us to ensure your child’s speech pathologist is invested in them reaching their goals.

Choose Progress. Choose Experience. Choose Therapy Connect.

Choosing Therapy Connect means opting for a network of dedicated professionals who understand your child’s paediatric speech pathology needs.  Our team of speech pathologists have a wealth of knowledge and experience tailoring their approach to fit the unique needs of every young learner. At Therapy Connect, we believe in the power of customised therapy, focusing on interactive and engaging learning experiences. 

Finding the Right Therapist for You

Understanding your child’s diverse needs, we pair you with the right speech therapist to address their speech or language delay. Designed to meet the needs of a 3-year-old, we aid in both articulation and language challenges. Our speech pathologists are experienced in paediatric care, guiding your child to confidently ask and answer questions and navigate speech sound challenges.

Matched Therapy: We pair your child with a speech therapist that will meet your needs and because we’re a digital-first provider, it doesn’t matter where you’re located. All you need is a device and stable internet connection.

Flexible Sessions: Therapy fits around your family’s schedule online from any location – even when you’re on holidays!

Evidence-Based: Our approach is evidence-based and backed by research partnerships with Sydney University and the University of Queensland, where we literally helped write the guidelines for online therapy.

We support children at every stage of speech and language development, from first words to mastering conversational clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can speech therapy help my 3 year old with language delays?

Absolutely! Early intervention is vital in speech and language therapy. Our therapists are highly experienced in nurturing the growth of communication skills in young children, providing the support your 3-year-old needs to overcome language delays.

How can I support my child’s speech and language development at home?

You play a crucial role! We equip you with tools and strategies for everyday interactions that bolster your child’s speech and language skills, creating a supportive learning environment beyond therapy sessions. With online therapy, it makes it easier to include siblings and other family members in sesions so that they too can learn the strategies and incorporate them into your everyday life.

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