Telehealth Speech Therapy at Therapy Connect

Therapy Connect is Australia’s leading registered NDIS online therapy provider and our telehealth speech therapy sessions are engaging, fun and designed to help your child communicate confidently to the best of their ability.

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Navigating Speech Therapy with Ease

Initial Consultation with an Experienced Speech Pathologist

We begin with a compassionate conversation to assess your child’s unique needs and establish clear goals. After the initial assessment, we match our clients to the right therapist to meet their needs and goals. As we are a digital-first allied health provider, we’re not restricted by matching clients and therapists in the same location – no matter where you are located in Australia, we will find the right therapist for you. 


Online Speech Therapy Session - Therapy Connect

Why Therapy Connect Speech Therapy Stands Above the Rest

Choosing Therapy Connect entrusts your care to a network of highly experienced therapists who are invested in achieving better outcomes for our clients. With a commitment to accessibility, we create tailored programs designed to be engaging for your child.

How Therapy Connect Makes a Difference

Therapy delivered via telehealth means that all you need is a device and wifi or phone network to be able to access your therapy appointments. You still have face to face access to therapists but it is using a screen. Online therapy is convenient and flexible, while being personalised to your needs. 

Therapy Connect is your ally, from enhancing speech and language skills to navigating life’s challenges. We’re committed to delivering quality speech pathology services to children, through telepractice excellence. 

Frequently Asked Questions about NDIS Speech Therapy

Our telehealth speech therapy services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of children. Our team of more than 80 therapists are experienced with delivering digital-first care and working with children with diverse needs. Telehealth gives children the option of participating in therapy from a comfortable environment which puts many children at ease. 

Accessing our services is straightforward: simply ensure you have a reliable internet connection and have a computer or tablet with a webcam. We guide you through the technology setup, ensuring readiness for the first therapy session.

We prioritise your privacy using secure, encrypted platforms for every session. We unwaveringly commit to confidentiality, upholding the highest security standards in telepractice to ensure your peace of mind.

Yes, Therapy Connect proudly delivers speech pathology and telehealth services throughout Australia. Whether in a bustling city or a remote area, our therapists are just a click away, ensuring no one is beyond the reach of quality care.

Our team is comprised of experienced speech pathologists who are registered with Speech Pathology Australia.. We pride ourselves on offering continual development for our team to ensure that we keep our team up to date of the latest research and practices to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

How can I track and measure my child’s progress with telehealth therapy?

Therapy Connect is dedicated to transparent and measurable progress. With regular assessments, collaborative goal setting, and shared tracking tools, you can see your child’s journey evolve step by step.

We believe in a cohesive healthcare approach. By communicating with your current providers, we align our therapies with your broader healthcare plan, fostering comprehensive support and continuity of care.

Starting with Therapy Connect is seamless. We’ll guide you through the NDIS process, ensuring your funding aligns with our therapy services. Reach out, and let’s take the first steps towards accessing the support your child deserves.

At Therapy Connect, we involve family members in the therapeutic process, equipping them with strategies and support to enhance the therapy experience. We’re here to empower not just our young clients but their entire support network.