New Study Reports on the Positive Outcomes of Online Speech Therapy

study reports cureus online speech therapy

Speech-Language Therapy Through Telepractice During COVID-19 and Its Way Forward: A Scoping Review is an important study that reports on the positive outcomes of online speech therapy. The pandemic presented an opportunity as an innovator disruptor for digital therapy in 2020, however, Therapy Connect is proud to have been at the forefront of delivering online therapy since 2015.

This report has focused on the effectiveness of speech therapy during the COVID 19 pandemic. The report analysed 102 articles on telepractice’s efficacy, with 32 included in the review. Here is a quick summary of the report highlights:

  • Online therapy (telepractice) was a vital solution during COVID-19, ensuring continued access to therapy.
  • Telepractice has now been accepted as the new healthcare delivery model with multiple advantages and disadvantages.
  • The studies show that patients are just as satisfied with telepractice as they were with in-person visits.
  • Recognition of the benefits of online speech therapy include: easy access, convenience, reduced costs, and enhanced confidentiality. Other benefits included limiting the geographical barriers, reducing the cost of travel, saving time.

Results from our recent client survey further emphasis this study and show that these benefits remain strong for clients even now and this applies not only to our remote and regional clients but also our metro-based clients.

We look forward to seeing more studies published that reinforce the efficacy of our digital therapy model and the delivery of client outcomes.

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