What Does NDIS registered provider mean, and why should you care?

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When it comes to finding the right therapy provider for your needs, it can be overwhelming to sift through all the options available.

As a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered provider, we undergo a rigorous NDIS audit every three years to maintain our NDIS registration, giving our clients and those searching for Allied Health therapy services peace of mind.

We want to make it easier for those needing speech therapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, physiotherapy and psychology services to find a trusted provider. Through NDIS registration, we open up our business practices, services, culture and team to be independently assessed and reviewed against strict NDIS guidelines.

What is an NDIS Audit?

An NDIS audit reviews a provider’s systems, processes and documentation to ensure they meet the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission’s standards. We’re proud to announce that we successfully passed our recent midterm NDIS audit, which highlighted excellence in:

Client support planning:

Creating individualised plans of care for a client that focuses on their specific needs and goals. This plan outlines the services and support that will be provided to the client, as well as the methods and strategies used to deliver those services.

Continuity of support:

The ongoing provision of care and support to clients, even as their needs and circumstances change over time. This may involve coordinating services across different providers and settings and ensuring that the client’s needs are being met throughout the course of their care

Quality management:

Refers to the ongoing monitoring and improvement of the quality of care provided to clients. This may involve evaluating the effectiveness of the services and support provided and making changes as necessary to improve outcomes for clients. Quality management may also include a focus on client satisfaction and engagement, as well as compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

This recognition is a testament to our experienced and highly qualified team and showcases our improvements and innovations in Allied Health through online therapy.

Registered vs Non-registered NDIS

Registration is a timely and costly process, and it’s not a requirement for all providers to be NDIS registered. Whilst non-registration doesn’t equate to professionalism or quality of support, clients who receive funding under the NDIS scheme and are NDIA funded can only use a registered provider for their plan.

Our registration ensures clients can use their funding with a trusted, vetted provider with seven years of experience leading online therapy in Australia. The flexibility of online therapy, combined with NDIS registration, puts clients back in the driving seat.

Through Therapy Connect, they have access to 70+ highly qualified practitioners Australia-wide, regardless of their location or ability. The NDIS scheme provides financial assistance to choose healthcare that’s right for each individual.

How to know if your provider is NDIS approved?

If you want to check whether a provider is NDIS approved, you can:

  1. Check the NDIS Provider Finder: This tool allows you to search for approved providers by location and service type.
  2. Contact the NDIS: You can also contact the NDIS directly to inquire about a specific provider’s approval status. They can confirm if a provider is registered with the NDIS and if they can deliver NDIS funded services.
  3. Check the provider’s website: Many NDIS approved providers will have information on their website indicating that they’re registered with the NDIS and able to deliver NDIS funded services.
  4. Ask the provider: You can also contact the provider directly and ask if they’re NDIS approved.

You’ll find Therapy Connects purple NDIS registration badge displayed on our website, social media, email signature and business documents, and we are listed on the NDIS Provider Finder under ‘Early Intervention supports for early childhood and Therapeutic Supports.

What does this mean for you?

There is lots to consider when choosing the right provider for you.

  • Practitioner’s qualifications and evidence-based approach
  • Areas of speciality
  • Types of therapies used
  • Cultural sensitivity, awareness and inclusion
  • Availability and location of your practitioner
  • Outcomes
  • And the compatibility of yourself and your practitioner

These are deeply personal choices, so we offer all new clients a consultation with a senior practitioner who assesses your individual needs and goals to match you with the right therapists.

Our NDIS registration gives clients an added layer of security and confidence, but our personalised service, highly-qualified practitioners, innovative use of online therapy and expert ability to match clients with the right practitioner is what makes Therapy Connect a leader in allied health.

Final thoughts

We are proud to be an NDIS registered provider and online therapy leader. Whether you participate in the NDIS scheme or not, this process gives all clients the assurance that our services and our business practises have been vetted and scrutinised to meet NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission’s standards.

If you want to know more or need help finding the right provider, please get in touch with us at 1300 757 806 and speak to our team today.

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