Nutrition for Kids with Learning Disabilities

Most children will go through a fussy phase with eating. And while this can be a frustrating time for parents, it is very normal and for most children it passes without any long term effects on health or development. In fact, most children will go on to enjoy a wide range of nutritious food. However, […]

5 Key Therapy Strategies to Support your Distance Ed or Homeschooled Child during learning time.

Kudos to the parents out there who are accessing Distance Education or homeschooling to provide your children with the opportunity to access an education whoever and wherever they are.  Supporting the learning of your child at home via a Distance Education or Homeschooling program can be challenging. It can be hard to know how to […]

Getting the most out of reading with your child

How we read to our children is just as important as how frequently we read to them.  Sharing picture and touch books, opens a world of opportunity to engage with your child and there are also foundational language skills that come from this time together.  Reading the same animal book 5 or more times a […]

Low Budget Sensory tools for the home and school environments

Children have different sensory needs that can impact their degree of participation in daily activities and learning tasks. Some children experience more intense sensory avoiding responses, meaning that when their environments are too sensory stimulating they may withdraw or become overwhelmed. Other children have more intense sensory seeking responses and you may see them moving […]

Tools to help support your child to learn at home

There are many benefits that come with homeschooling but when you have a child with learning difficulties the simple things can quickly become more difficult. That’s why Speech and Occupational Therapists play a vital part in plan management. It is important that constant and clear liaison with health professionals and educational staff occurs and that […]

What is Speech Therapy and how can it help my child?

Speech and Language Therapy is about helping children to communicate to the best of their ability. It allows our therapists to meet your child where they are at and identify how to move them forward in their speech, language and communication development as well as other areas of learning that may be impacted.   There […]

The Therapy Connect Story – Providing Access to Therapy Across Australia

Therapy Connect is a unique service in that they provide speech and OT supports to clients and families living all over Australia and even into Asia, all online via telepractice. They have a current team of 8 therapists. Their therapy team also live all over Australia. They never meet their clients face to face. (unless […]

Speech Pathology Australia interviews Sue Cameron at Therapy Connect about telepractice.

  Meet Eden. Her diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy means she has difficulty moving her tongue and has difficulty communicating verbally. How does a speech pathologist from a different state assist her?

Therapy Connect Speech Pathologist Sue Cameron Featured in Speak Out

Sue’s interview with Speech Pathology Australia

Pandora’s story; Occupational therapy via telepractice to remote Northern Territory

Pandora, age 7 years Lives at Uluru, Northern Territory. Pandora is diagnosed with Autism and experiences issues around executive functioning, fine motor, gross motor skills and general development. Pandora’s mother states,  “I found my OT through a recommendation by Autism South Australia. We access our OT via telehealth (teletherapy) due to living in a very […]