Enhance Your Toddler’s Speech: Specialised 2 Year Old Speech Therapy at Therapy Connect

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At Therapy Connect, we are here to help your child communicate confidently and to the best of their ability. Our highly experienced speech pathologists create online therapy sessions tailored to your child’s needs and goals. 

Start Your Therapy Assessment

Your Pathway to Progress – Simple Steps to Effective Therapy

Start with a Clinical Service Planning Appointment 

We begin with a clinical service planning appointment on a video call with a Therapy Connect senior practitioner to understand your child’s therapy support needs and develop a service plan with you.

Collaborative Treatment for Your 2-Year-Old

With a bespoke treatment plan in hand, we launch into action. We craft engaging and fun speech therapy sessions, using tools that are proven to work with your two-year-old’s imagination and learning style.

Ongoing Support

We’re here to celebrate every word and every breakthrough, ensuring your toddler’s language and therapy sessions bloom into lifelong skills.

Learn How We Personalise Your Plan

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Therapy Designed for Your Child

Individuals: We focus on the individual needs of every child and help them to communicate to the best of their ability. We understand that every child is unique and we celebrate it by tailoring therapy to their individual needs. 

Highly Experienced: Our team of more than 80 allied health professionals have an average of ten years work experience, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We also ensure that our team receive continued professional development so that they can stay on top of the latest research and strategies.

Caregivers: With online therapy, it is ideal to include primary caregivers and other family members such as siblings and grandparents in sessions. By having your child’s circle of care involved in therapy sessions, we can coach parents and other family members on the strategies and how to incorporate them into your every day routine. 

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Introducing Therapy Connect – Your Trusted Online Therapy Provider

Therapy Connect is Australia’s leading registered NDIS online therapy provider. Speech pathology is one of the primary services Therapy Connect offers, as well as occupational therapy, psychology, dietetics and physiotherapy. Therapy Connect makes quality allied health services more accessible through offering online services with the best of the best therapists to clients all over Australia, so regardless of your location you can access quality care. 

Select Therapy Connect – Where Compassion Intersects with Expertise

  • Access to Australia’s leading speech therapists and allied health professionals—all from the comfort of your home.
  • Personalised programs that evolve with your child, enhancing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Save time with online therapy sessions designed to engage your toddler in a familiar environment.

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Toddler-Focused Speech Therapy

Unlocking Potential with Customised Speech Pathology

At Therapy Connect, we’re dedicated to unlocking your toddler’s communication potential through speech therapy. Our team of speech pathologists have a wealth of knowledge and experience tailoring their approach to fit the unique needs of every young learner. At Therapy Connect, we believe in the power of customised therapy, focusing on interactive and engaging learning experiences. 

How Can We Help?

We offer a personalised approach to online speech therapy:

  • Evaluation of your two-year-old’s speech and language development.
  • Custom plan to support your child learning new words and effective communication.
  • A collection of digital tools designed to captivate and educate your child.
  • Regular check-ins to track progress and adapt to your toddler’s evolving needs.
  • Guidance for adults in the home to ensure ongoing practice and support.

Unlock Your Child’s Potential

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my 2-year-old can benefit from speech therapy?

If you notice your toddler isn’t meeting language milestones or struggles with communication, speech therapy may be beneficial. Our speech pathologists are adept at identifying and nurturing the specific needs of two-year-old children.

How do you tailor therapy sessions to my child’s specific needs?

We start by assessing the individual needs and goals and then create a plan to meet those needs. We customise activities and targets step-by-step, tracking and adapting to your toddler’s unique pace.

Can Therapy Connect help with non-verbal communication challenges?

Absolutely. Our therapists are skilled in strategies that enhance verbal and nonverbal communication, supporting your child’s ability to express themselves in diverse ways beyond speech.

What technology do I need to start online therapy sessions?

You’ll need a stable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone. Our platform is user-friendly, ensuring ease of access for all families.

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