Physiotherapists help people get the most out of their life by improving physical function and reducing impairment. They help people increase mobility, recover from injury, reduce pain and stiffness and prevent further injury.  

Physiotherapists follow evidence-based guidelines and techniques to assess how you move and identify factors that limit the achievement of your goals. They can help with a wide variety of issues, including: 

  • complex pain, 
  • poor posture,
  • upper limb impairments,
  • reduced strength and condition,
  • breathing difficulties,
  • poor head control,
  • falls associated with balance disorders, and
  • neuromuscular conditions and neurological disorders.

A physiotherapist can advise on training techniques to improve movement and coordination, advise on pain management strategies, prescribe strength and conditioning programs to develop and maintain motor skills and provide rehabilitation interventions for people with progressive degenerative disease.

Physiotherapy can also help your potential to achieve recreational, social and occupational goals as well as improving physical activity in people with intellectual disability.