How Online Therapy Has Transformed Occupational Therapy

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In light of Occupational Therapy Week, we’re taking a moment to not only reflect on the profound impact of Occupational Therapy but also to celebrate our incredible team at Therapy Connect. Our team of dedicated professionals consistently rise to the challenge to deliver the highest quality care that reaches every corner of Australia! 

Occupational Therapy helps adults, adolescents and children to manage their everyday tasks and work towards their goals. We do this by assisting individuals with learning skills, helping to modify tasks and adapting their environment. In doing this, we help clients to improve their quality of life and manage their independence. 

Therapy Connect started back in 2015 to help solve the problem of people living in remote or rural areas to offer better access to high-quality care. Although we may think Occupational Therapy is typically delivered face-to-face, in a clinical or hospital setting, here at Therapy Connect, we deliver all our therapy via telehealth. Even in metropolitan areas in Australia, long waitlists can be a major obstacle for people seeking therapy. Now with the help of technology, we can eliminate this disparity by offering high-quality, evidence-based therapy via online therapy that is not limited by waitlists or geography. 

What is Online Occupational Therapy?

Essentially, online Occupational Therapy is the same as any OT but it’s delivered via video call. So instead of in-person consultations, clients and therapists interact via video conferencing, making it possible to access services from anywhere in Australia. 

Online therapy isn’t just a product of convenience, it’s also backed by research. Therapy Connect, in collaboration with Sydney University and the University of Queensland, has even co-authored guidelines for online therapy, making our approach both innovative and grounded in scientific rigour.

Benefits of Online Occupational Therapy

Convenience and Flexibility: Therapy at your fingertips. Whether at home, school, or work, you can access therapy from a comfortable environment at a time that works for you. 

Improved Access to Care: Online therapy eliminates geographical challenges, making sure that everyone, irrespective of where you live, can access the highest quality care.

Save on Travel Time and Costs: Online therapy gives you back time and it’s a little gentler on the pocket when you save on travel and parking costs. 

Improved Outcomes: Studies corroborate that online therapy can be even more effective than traditional in-person sessions. 

Online Therapy in Action

Online Occupational Therapy isn’t just about talking, it’s about doing. From Sensory Processing Strategies to Fine Motor Skills training, online sessions are filled with exercises and activities that mirror traditional therapy sessions. The only difference? 

You’re doing it from a space of your choice, under the guidance of an experienced therapist, who might be miles away yet right there with you through the digital screen.

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Making Occupational Therapy available online is nothing short of revolutionary.  As our lives become more and more digital, it’s heartening to see sectors like therapy adapting, evolving, and ensuring that care remains uncompromised.

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