How to find and choose a qualified speech therapist who is experienced with working with children with autism

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Communication is an essential aspect of human interaction, enabling us to express our thoughts, emotions, and needs effectively. For children with autism, communicating can be challenging. Difficulties with speech, language, and social communication are common in children with autism, which can impact their ability to form relationships, learn, and participate in everyday activities. 

In such cases, the support and guidance of a qualified speech therapist becomes crucial in helping children with autism unlock their communication potential.

The Importance of Qualified Speech Therapists

Children with autism present a wide range of communication challenges, from delayed language development to difficulty understanding nonverbal cues and social nuances. A qualified speech therapist, also known as a speech pathologist, has the expertise to assess, diagnose, and provide individualised treatment plans to address these unique challenges.

Speech pathologists at Therapy Connect have experience working with children with autism, and our team have in-depth knowledge of the communication challenges that come with it. Our speech therapists are equipped to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child, taking into account factors such as expressive and receptive language abilities, social communication skills, pragmatic language, and speech clarity. A tailored treatment approach ensures that therapy aligns with the child’s developmental level, interests, and specific needs.

Therapy Connect Speech Therapist
Therapy Connect Speech Therapist

What are the qualities you should look for in a therapist?

Here are some qualities to have to keep in mind when you’re looking for a speech therapist for your child:

Experience and Expertise:

When seeking a speech therapist for a child with autism, experience in working with many children is paramount. It’s important that your speech therapist has experience with various communication challenges so they’re better equipped to adapt their approach to your child’s unique requirements.

Specialised Training and Certifications:

At Therapy Connect, our speech pathologists undergo training in autism and related communication disorders. We place a strong emphasis on continued education and staying up to date with the latest research and evidence-based interventions as this can lead to better outcomes. 

Patience and Empathy:

Children with autism may require extra time and patience to express themselves and engage in therapy activities. A compassionate and empathetic speech therapist creates a supportive and non-judgmental environment, fostering trust and encouraging your child’s participation.

Individualised Approach:

Each child with autism is unique and that’s why it’s important that your speech therapist tailors therapy sessions to suit your child’s interests, preferences, and learning style, making the experience engaging and motivating.

Collaboration with Families:

The involvement of parents and caregivers in the therapy process is crucial for extending progress beyond the therapy sessions. A qualified and experienced speech therapist will work collaboratively with families, support workers and teachers, providing strategies and support to integrate therapy techniques into your child’s daily routine.

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Where to find a qualified speech therapist?

Here are some ways to find the right speech therapist for your child:


Ask your pediatrician, GP or school counsellor for recommendations on reputable speech therapists. 

Speech Pathology Australia: 

Speech Pathology Australia has an online directory you can use.

Support groups and online communities:

Join online communities to ask for recommendations.

Therapy Connect can connect you with online speech therapists. Our team of Speech Therapists have an average of ten years of experience. 

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The Benefits of Online Therapy

Therapy Connect is an online therapy provider. Here are some of the benefits of online therapy. 


Online speech therapy breaks down geographical barriers, making it accessible to people in remote areas or with limited access to in-person services. 


Schedule sessions at times that work for your busy schedule and save on travel time!

Comfortable Environment:

Therapy from the comfort of a familiar environment such as home or school, can be greatly beneficial for putting clients at ease. 

Engaging Technology:

At Therapy Connect, we incorporate interactive tools and multimedia into our sessions to make therapy more engaging and enjoyable.


Online therapy allows for consistent therapy sessions even when travel or other constraints might disrupt in-person appointments.

Parental Involvement:

Parents can be more actively involved in online sessions for children receiving speech therapy, reinforcing the therapy at home.

Immediate Feedback:

Online sessions can utilise instant messaging or live video chats, providing immediate feedback to clients during therapy.

For children with autism, effective communication skills are vital to their social, emotional, and academic development. Early intervention and the guidance of a skilled speech therapist can make a remarkable difference in a child’s life, paving the way for improved communication, confidence, and overall well-being.

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