Therapy Connect: Bringing Online Therapy to Schools

online therapy to schools

Thanks to the internet, access to top-quality allied health services is no longer limited by where you’re located. This is particularly important for Australian schools seeking to support their students in achieving their full potential. At Therapy Connect, we’re making it easy for schools to access essential allied health services such as Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Physiotherapy, and Psychology. Our team consists of more than 70 highly-qualified and experienced practitioners located nationwide, committed to supporting and empowering students with convenient and effective therapy solutions.

Enhanced Access to NDIS Allied Health Services

Schools face many challenges when it comes to providing comprehensive support to students with diverse needs. With Therapy Connect, schools can easily access a broad range of allied health services. These services include Speech Pathology, which helps improve communication and language skills; Occupational Therapy, which enhances fine motor skills and daily living activities; Dietetics, which promotes healthy eating habits and nutrition education; Physiotherapy, which supports physical development and mobility; and Psychology, which addresses mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Flexible and Convenient

At Therapy Connect we offer online therapy sessions via video call, making it easy for anyone with a computer, tablet, or phone to participate. This approach is flexible and eliminates the need for students to take time off school to travel to and from therapy appointments. With the convenience of conducting therapy sessions from school, students can feel more at ease as they are in a familiar environment that they are comfortable in. They can easily engage with their therapist and have access to quality therapy sessions.

Highly-Qualified Practitioners

We are proud of our team of more than 70 therapists with an average of ten years of experience. Our practitioners provide evidence-based therapy techniques that are specifically designed for online therapy, so you can be assured that sessions are engaging and effective.

Individualised and Goal-Oriented Approach

Every student is unique, and that’s why our therapy is tailored to the individual needs and goals of each child that we support. By working closely with teachers, parents, carers and students, our practitioners develop a personalised plan that addresses the unique needs and goals of each individual student.

Working Collaboratively

Being an online therapy service means that our Therapy Connect practitioners can collaborate with teachers, support staff and parents to take an integrated approach to working with students. Feedback is regularly sought and provided to ensure that therapy is effective and we can adapt it to the evolving needs of students.

Embracing Technology

Through easy-to-use video conferencing and interactive digital tools, Therapy Connect therapists engage students in stimulating activities that promote skill development, confidence, and independence.

If your school would like to know more about how Therapy Connect can support your students with reaching their full potential, contact us today.

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