Online Speech Therapy Activities

online speech therapy activities

Do you know someone seeking speech therapy? Today, there are numerous options for obtaining speech therapy, whether through a traditional in-person therapist or from the comfort of your own home with online speech therapy.

Online therapy eliminates the need for lengthy commutes and rigid appointment times. It leverages technology to provide interactive and effective speech therapy to those with communication challenges.

This article will explore some of the top online resources for enhancing verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

10 Activities Recommended by Our Experienced Speech Pathologists

At Therapy Connect, we offer online speech therapy tailored to meet every child’s individual needs. One of the many benefits of online speech therapy is that many interactive online speech therapy activities are available that can help improve your child’s communication skills.

If you are looking for ways to improve the results of speech therapy, we have prepared a list of activities recommended by our Speech Pathologists that will undoubtedly interest your child.

Online speech therapy activities are designed to target all the critical communication skills areas, including:

  • Grammar and syntax
  • Articulation (pronunciation)
  • Social language skills
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Speech sounds

So no matter your child’s needs, there are activities to help them reach their potential.

Is Online Speech Therapy Effective?

According to a study published in the International Journal of Telerehabilitation, telepractice (which includes online speech therapy) has been found to be as effective as traditional in-person therapy for children with speech sound disorders (McLeod et al., 2018)¹.

Another study published in the Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare found that telehealth interventions, including online speech therapy, were effective in improving speech outcomes in adults with communication disorders, particularly for those living in rural and remote areas of Australia (Dyson et al., 2017)².

At Therapy Connect, we’ve demonstrated that online speech therapy is as impactful as in-person therapy and can offer added advantages. Our focus is empowering adults, adolescents, and children to communicate optimally, and addressing difficulties with chewing and swallowing.

Therapy Connect has collaborated with the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland to establish the standards for online therapy. The results have been phenomenal, with countless children with communication challenges seeing significant improvement.

Don’t miss out on these benefits. Get started today by reaching out to us.

Here are 10 Online Speech Therapy Games To Try

Speech therapy games provide numerous benefits for children. They are easily accessible from a computer or mobile device and are best enjoyed with family members to support children’s engagement and learning.

1. ABCya!

ABCya! has a variety of educational games for children up to the age of 12. The games incorporate spatial principles, object customisation, and curriculum-based learning. Popular games on the website include Parts of Speech Quest, Hunt Games, Crossword Puzzles, Make a Skateboard or Cupcake and Pancake Panic.

2. Funbrain

Funbrain provides hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos that help children to improve their mathematical, reading, problem-solving, and literacy skills. These games are simple for kids to learn and play quickly. They help to create a good balance of educational tasks and enjoyable rewards.

3. Go Noodle Learning Games

Help kids learn and focus by preparing their bodies for speech therapy. Kids can learn mindfulness practices to help regulate their emotions and get their bodies moving by watching enjoyable dance parties and yoga videos on this website.

4. Guinness World Records | Kids

This website is great for increasing general knowledge. There are also many games, puzzles, and quizzes for improving knowledge for conversation and better playtime.

5. Highlight Kids

The website features a Hidden Picture scenario, which is a veritable gold mine of vocabulary. Several games, crafts, and recipes enhance conversation and communication skills. There is also a Jokes section so your child can get a good laugh!

6. I’m a Puzzle

There is a free online resource where you may play thousands of free online jigsaw puzzles. Picture puzzles and games of various kinds may be found here to help your child’s communication and excitement. You can also do a picture-based digital puzzle! Tailoring games to your child’s preferred hobbies or curriculum-based subjects can be useful.

7. Language Playroom

This website offers a free library of articulation, language, and social communication exercises. For families who want to ensure carryover of articulation skills or have at-home practice, these materials provide accessible specialised practice.

8. National Geographic Kids

Check out the Crack the Code game, the laugh-o-meter on Just Joking, and the Funny Fill-In stories. There are numerous animal-related images, movies, and passages on this website.

9. POKI and POKI Kids

POKI provides access to thousands of free online games. You can play online versions of old-school games like air hockey, Yahtzee, and four in a row. Games support a child’s ability to follow instructions and use directional language.

10. PBS Kids Online Games

These games incorporate well-known PBS characters while emphasising educational abilities and social-emotional awareness.

benefits of online speech therapy

Benefits of Online Interactive Activities

Speech therapy is a specialised treatment that requires innovations and versatility to achieve the desired result. These online interactive activities benefit the children by helping them do the following:

  • Develop problem-solving skills.
  • Strengthen memory and comprehension abilities.
  • Improve their ability to concentrate.
  • Enhance their communication abilities.
  • Increase social skills, self-esteem, and confidence.
  • Make learning more fun and effective.

Why do people choose Therapy Connect?

Therapy Connect provides professional online speech therapy to people of all ages. Our team comprises over 70 of the most experienced and highly qualified speech therapists from around Australia who are fully committed to seeing improvements and results.

Using the most advanced methods and techniques to deliver effective speech therapy, our sessions are highly engaging for the client and their circle of care. Moreover, learning and concentration are boosted as the therapy is provided in the home or school which is a comfortable environment for the child.

We are NDIS registered and our sessions are 100% NDIS funded. So if you are looking for the best speech therapists in Australia, Therapy Connect is a sure bet!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Tips for Early Intervention Speech Therapy for of Children Who Have Communication Issues

  1. Access early intervention services: In Australia, the government provides funding for early intervention services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It’s important to access these services as early as possible to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child.
  2. Seek out a qualified speech pathologist: Look for a speech pathologist who is qualified and a member of Speech Pathology Australia.
  3. Incorporate play: Play-based therapy is a common approach used by speech pathologists. Incorporating play into therapy can make it more engaging and enjoyable for the child.
  4. Individualised therapy: Each child is unique, and therapy should be tailored to their specific needs and strengths. This can involve modifying therapy activities to match the child’s interests and abilities.
  5. Involve the family: Family involvement is an important part of early intervention services. Involving the family in therapy can help to reinforce therapy goals and strategies outside of the therapy session. Family members can also provide valuable insights into the child’s communication skills and challenges.
  6. Monitor progress: Regular monitoring of a child’s progress is essential to determine whether therapy goals are being met and to make any necessary adjustments to therapy. The NDIS provides regular reviews of a child’s progress as part of their funding process.
  7. Use evidence-based techniques: Speech pathologists use evidence-based techniques to guide their therapy practice. This means that therapy is based on the latest research and has been shown to be effective.

Remember, early intervention is key, and working closely with a qualified speech pathologist is essential to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Speech Therapy Activities

Q: Are these therapy activities only for Teletherapy?

A: No, these activities can be used to support the carry-over of skills and at-home practice.

Q: Do I need a Speech Pathologist to guide the activities?

A: Yes, Speech Pathologists play an important role in helping your child use the activities to their full potential as part of their individualised therapy program. Contact Therapy Connect to get the best speech therapist for your needs.

Q: Is my child too young for online activities?

A: These activities are best enjoyed with a supportive adult to support children’s participation, engagement and learning. Online speech therapy is much more than online activities and games.

Final Thoughts

Online speech therapy is a proven solution for enhancing communication skills. With the convenience of online sessions, your child can continue their progress towards better verbal and non-verbal communication.

At Therapy Connect, we offer tailored speech therapy to help improve social skills, increase literacy abilities, and address specific communication challenges Our team of experts will guide you and your family through the online sessions, providing the tools and support needed to enhance crucial communication skills.

Don’t let distance or convenience keep your child from reaching their communication goals. Contact us today to experience the benefits of online speech therapy from the comfort of your own home.

¹ McLeod, S., Harrison, L. J., & McCormack, J. (2018). Effectiveness of the Lidcombe Program delivered by telehealth for children aged 3-6 years: A randomized controlled non-inferiority trial. International Journal of Telerehabilitation, 10(1), 13-24. doi: 10.5195/ijt.2018.6242
² Dyson, S. E., Lockwood, M., & Huebner, C. E. (2017). Exploring telehealth opportunities in speech-language pathology: A systematic review. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 23(3), 367-375. doi: 10.1177/1357633X16649868

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