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Listen to Therapy Connect Clients discuss their experiences with accessing speech and occupational therapy online via videoconference.

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FAQs How Does Online Speech and Occupational Therapy Work?

How does online therapy work? Online therapy uses videoconferencing technology to deliver therapy services over the internet wherever you may be; at home, school, preschool or childcare. Online is just like face-to-face speech therapy but instead of sitting across the table from the therapist you will be viewing each other across the internet on your […]

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5 Tips to Get your Child Talking.

Children who are not talking at 2 years of age are considered to be late talkers. We expect a 2 year old to have around 50 words and be putting words together. If your 2 year old is late to start talking this is a good time to get advice from a Speech Pathologist. In […]

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NEW! Speech and Occupational Therapy services delivered online?

Are you on wait lists for therapy supports? Do you travel long distances for therapy? Do you want high quality therapy services? There is an alternative… Therapy Connect – Online Therapy …Therapy Anywhere, Anytime. We can deliver services over the internet wherever you or your child may be; at home, at school, at preschool/kinder or […]

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An Online Occupational Therapy Session across 3 continents of the world. Distance is no barrier.

As an occupational therapist I provide online therapy services to families where it is difficult for them to find face-to-face therapists. Who would have thought I could conduct a session spanning 3 continents of the world. Well I did. I was familiar with providing online therapy sessions to families living in Australia and overseas. But […]

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Can’t find an Occupational Therapist? Try online therapy!

Teletherapy is online therapy using videoconferencing technology.  It can be hard finding or getting in to an occupational therapist if you live in a remote, regional or outer metropolitan area. Even some families living overseas find it hard to find an English-speaking therapist nearby to support them. All of the travel, expense, time taken from […]