10 Fun Skill-Building Activities To Try at Home!

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We all know that it can be tough to keep coming up with new ideas to entertain children at home and that’s why we’re sharing these activities for you to try. These activities are designed to be fun and therapeutic, aligning with strategies used by Therapy Connect occupational therapists and speech pathologists. 

1. Sensory Bins

Create sensory bins with different themes like the beach and outer space using items like sand, water beads and rice. Add small toys or objects for your child to find. This is great for tactile exploration and imaginative play.

2. Storytelling with Puppets

Encourage your child to create stories using puppets. This boosts creativity, improves speech and language skills, and aids in social-emotional learning.

3. Homemade Obstacle Course

Create a safe indoor or outdoor obstacle course at home using cushions, chairs, and tape. It could involve crawling under tables, jumping on cushions and balancing on a line of tape. It’s great for gross motor skills and coordination.

4. Vegetable Art

Use cut vegetables like potatoes, capsicum and broccoli to dip in paint and stamp onto paper and make your masterpiece! Corn on the cob is also great for rolling out to make interesting patterns. This is a fun way to combine art with sensory exploration.

5. Sensory Play Dough

Make your own play dough, adding different textures (like rice or sand) and scents (like lavender or lemon). This activity helps in sensory exploration and fine motor skills development.

6. Interactive Story Telling

Use picture books to create an interactive storytelling experience. Ask your child to predict the next part of the story or describe the characters, enhancing their language and comprehension skills.

7. Creative Craft

Crafts that involve cutting, gluing, and assembling small pieces, like making collages or creating cardboard characters, help to strengthen fine motor skills and encourage creativity.

8. Balance Games

Play balance games like standing on one foot, walking along a line, or using a balance board. These activities improve core strength and overall body awareness.

9. Role Play

Engage in role-play activities, like playing shopkeeper or teacher, which can encourage speech development and social interaction skills.

10. Nature Scavenger Hunt

A nature scavenger hunt in your backyard or a nearby park is a great summer activity for encouraging exploration and sensory stimulation.

Want more ideas? Here are some OT’s and Speech Pathologists we follow with great ideas and activities:

The Tele OT (Instagram: @the_teleot) 

Our very own OT, Isabel, shares fun activities you can do with your kids from the comfort of your home. 

Your Kids OT (Instagram: @yourkidsot)

Cindy is an Australian OT who shares a range of activity ideas focusing on child development, fine motor skills, and sensory play.

Sensory Oasis for Kids (Instagram: @sensoryoasisforkids)

Run by an Australian mum and entrepreneur, this account provides ideas for sensory play and resources for the neurodivergent community. 

OT with Jasmine (Instagram: @OTwithJasmine)

Jasmine offers creative and practical Occupational Therapy ideas, focusing on child development and sensory integration. 

So now it’s your turn to give them a go! We hope your kids love them as much as we do. 

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