Online Therapy: The Proof is in the Clinical Outcomes

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At Therapy Connect, we believe that better health belongs to everyone, regardless of where you live, and we know that better health comes from better access to the best care. That’s why we pride ourselves on matching the right therapist to meet the goals and needs of our clients, no matter what postcode they live. 

We go to great lengths to hire and retain the most highly skilled and experienced therapists from across the country to work in our team. And we really do mean across the country – our team of over seventy therapists are based all over – from coast to country and from caravans to high-rise apartments!

Our team has an average of 10+ years of experience, and they cover a wide range of specialities, so we make sure we match the skills of our therapists to the specific needs and goals of our clients, ensuring better outcomes. 

While we have a strong focus on working with children and adolescents with autism and developmental delays, our clients include NDIS participants of all ages.

Meet some of our team:

tracy spencer
Tracy Spencer
Occupational Therapist

“Online therapy has taught me to adapt the way I communicate and engage with clients and families in ways I probably would never have explored otherwise.”

Tracy Spencer is a senior occupational therapist at Therapy Connect, with more than 10 years of experience working in paediatric occupational therapy roles. Tracy is strongly guided by the input from clients and their families to ensure she supports clients in the most meaningful and effective way. Tracy has a strong interest in the areas of attachment, emotional regulation and sensory regulation. Tracy’s creativity and problem-solving skills that she developed from growing up on a farm in Western Australia, helps her with finding innovative solutions to assist her clients to achieve their goals. 

chip juru
Chipo Juru
Speech Pathologist

“I enjoy being able to provide therapy for families in the comfort of their home or school, at a convenient time that suits them. As a mum of young children I understand the need for flexibility and working for Therapy Connect been liberating and empowering for me.”

Chipo is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with extensive experience working as a paediatric Speech Pathologist and in Early Intervention in both Australia and Zimbabwe, assessing and providing intervention for children and teenagers with a broad range of communication and learning difficulties including Autism Spectrum Disorders and Global Developmental Delay. In pursuit of clinical excellence, Chipo is constantly updating her skills through training and workshops. Chipo’s passion for speech pathology is backed by more than 15 years of matching experience working collaboratively with families to support the inclusion of children and adults with speech, language, social and pragmatic skills disorders. 

Online Therapy is as effective as face to face therapy

The outcomes of online therapy have been proven to be as effective as in-person therapy outcomes, according to the scoping review of Australian Allied Health research by Iacono et al (2016).

Research conducted in collaboration with Therapy Connect and the University of Sydney shows that despite therapists being geographically remote from clients, they could deliver services consistent with contemporary practice and supported children to achieve positive, functional outcomes.

Other recent studies by Chen et al (2022) have shown that online therapy has positive outcomes for participants with Autism including social interaction, engagement, communication and speech, emotional regulation and anxiety reduction.

About Therapy Connect:

Therapy Connect is Australia’s leading online NDIS allied health provider, dedicated to delivering faster and easier access to highly qualified and experienced therapists across the country. 

Our services include occupational and speech therapy, dietetics, physiotherapy and psychology. Our programs are evidence-based, personalised and specifically designed for online (telehealth) service delivery. 

Therapy Connect is a part of the Kinela business and together we are on a mission to make high-quality healthcare more accessible, no matter where you live. Because better health belongs to everyone.

The Benefits of Therapy Connect’s
Online Therapy Programs

Therapists and clients are matched based on needs and goals, to ensure the greatest outcomes.

Access to more than 70 of Australia’s best practitioners, not just the therapists in your postcode.

Convenience & ease of being in a familiar environment like home, school or work.

Access the highest quality therapy faster, with less waiting to get started.

More flexibility of appointments at a time that suits you.

Save travel time and costs, and maximise the use of NDIS funding.

This is why 92% of Therapy Connect clients surveyed said that they would recommend us to a friend or colleague.

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Therapy Connect delivers faster and easier access to highly qualified and experienced therapists across the country – not just the ones in your postcode.


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