Oh whata’ year

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2022 has been unlike any other…

Starting with one of the most significant undertakings and transitions in Therapy Connects history.

Through our integration with Kinela, we were able to step into the next evolution of Therapy Connect, with the capacity of a bigger team, more resources, and an increased ability to serve more clients across 5 allied health disciplines.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but we did it, and we couldn’t be prouder of the commitment and tenacity of our incredible team! Not only did we achieve integration, but we were also able to hit some fantastic milestones as an organisation, and we want to share those with you all.

*Drum roll please* 🥁 introducing ‘Therapy Connects Wrapped’ (thanks, Spotify), a look back on the year that was.

As a business we

  • Integrated two leading allied health businesses
  • Welcomed 33 new staff members to the team
  • Created 13 new internal opportunities
  • Worked with over 2500 clients and families this year
  • Welcomed 923 new clients
  • Lived and worked with clients in 581 postcodes across Australia
  • As a remote team, had staff working across 11 countries
  • Were a nominated finalist for the Impact Enterprise Of The Year award
  • Successfully completed our mid-term NDIS audit and certification with exceptional feedback finding we have:
    • A strong culture of continuous Improvement and 
    • A strong understanding of participant rights and processes
  • Were represented and had keynotes at
    • Healthtech Festival in Melbourne
    • SARRAH conference
    • NBN Australia ‘Navigate Conference’
    • And the NACRE podcast

As a team we

  • Finally met some of our team face to face
    Returned to work after 4 years of parental leave
  • Went from a Level 1 Dietitian to a level 2 Dietitian and was able to supervise student dietitians, providing them with the guidance and support to complete their placements
  • Saw the growth and development of our leadership team, taking on all the challenges of integration with tenacity and grace
  • Successfully supported and transitioned Kinela clients into our new, integrated Therapy Connect team.
  • Travelled Australia in a campervan with my kids, dog, husband and a laptop!
  • Worked full-time with 2 kids, including a newborn
  • Saw each other step up, new opportunities to lead, educate and support each other
  • Worked in 3 countries whilst working in the team

And next year, we’ll be

  • Focusing on our people, finding new ways to invest in our team and supporting their development
  • Work on becoming an employer of choice
    Updating systems and structures to support our growing community of highly skilled allied health practitioners and clients
  • Creating more resources, bringing therapy education, support and community to more Australians
  • And expanding our team so we can reach even more clients and families in 2023

Thank you to our clients and their families for making the transition with us this year.
Thank you to our team for all your hard work, and after such a big year, we wish everyone a safe, happy and restful holiday.

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