Welcome to Therapy Connect conversations. My name is Megan Walker, your host. Today we’re joined by Sue Cameron and Simone Dudley, the directors of Therapy Connect. And we’re talking about what it’s like to work at Therapy Connect. Hi Sue, how are you? Would you like to give us a brief overview of what it’s like to work for your organisation?

Therapy Connect is an online health practice, we have speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, dieticians, and physiotherapists on our team. We are really lucky that we have a very experienced team and that we can recruit from all over Australia, because when you work online, you can work from anywhere in Australia at home.

Simone as a therapist, what’s it like to work in this way, delivering your services via telehealth?

Our practitioners tell us that what they love the most is the flexibility. The flexibility of working via telehealth means that you can essentially have some degree of control over the hours that you might be working with clients. The days that you might be working with clients. Practitioners also tell us that they love connecting with a really vibrant and experienced team that are dedicated to supporting families through telehealth. And thirdly, I would say that our practitioners are really looking for the specific type of work with the type of client cohort that really meets their own clinical and professional goals.

So we have the ability to be quite flexible and these are the reasons why practitioners really enjoy working for Therapy Connect.

Thanks, Simone. And so I know you’re both so humble. You won’t say this but I can – you’ve won awards for your HR and your people love working for your organisation, and you’ve achieved such huge success since you and Simone launched the practice. Tell us what are some of your strategies for maintaining your amazing team, culture and communication with so many therapists in different time zones across Australia?

Well, you’re absolutely right, Megan. It is quite a challenge. And as our team has grown larger, it’s become more and more of a challenge. So we now have a structure in place with senior lead practitioners who look after a team of therapists. Most of our therapists are working part time, so that can be a challenge itself. We have senior practitioners to help with mentoring, we do lots of onboarding and training, and we follow people up when they first start with us to help them to problem solve any issues that they’re having. We employ an experienced team because we think that it’s experience that supports dealing with the added complexities of working in an online environment.

We have lots of ways of communicating together. Our lead practitioners run pop-in sessions. So you can just pop in at certain times of the week to connect online.  We have run a program where we were exercising together with our physiotherapist. We have Google Chats where we call one of our groups the Water Cooler, and we chat together. Recently, the therapists were all putting up pictures of their children during book week, for example, and so that was great for team building. We also offer some professional development for our therapists and lots of other support, lots of opportunities to get together if you want to. And some people need that more than others.

Thanks Sue, and Simone, tell us from the therapist perspective, the people who are watching this video, and considering perhaps working for Therapy Connect, tell us what some of the benefits that they can gain personally, and with their career working with your organisation.

I guess the obvious benefit is again that flexibility of hours. It’s is possible set your own hours, and for instance, factor in school pickup in amongst your day’s work. We have some practitioners that are even managing to have a caseload while still traveling. They might be traveling around Australia for instance, or on a prolonged period interstate, without the travel, you’re gaining that additional commute time that you don’t have anymore. Some of our therapists also joke about how easy it is to be sneaking out to do a little bit of housework and domestic jobs in between sessions, such as pulling something out of the freezer for dinner, or hanging the clothes on the line.

And so you’re actively looking for more wonderful therapists to join your amazing team, and to benefit from the wonderful support and camaraderie that you and Simone have worked hard to put in place, tell us the types of roles that you’re looking for and the ways people can work with you, and how they can get in touch with you.

You’re absolutely right. We’re always looking for really experienced practitioners who want to work with us, and to get in touch with us, they can contact our one 1300 number. So it’s one, 1300 757 806. I’d really like to highlight that we would love to offer jobs to people who live in remote and rural Australia, because we’d love to be able to find people who can’t get to a job, and they might be really enjoying having one or two days a week or two days a week of therapy time at home.

I think that really adds to their quality of life, and people who wouldn’t be able to travel to a job otherwise. So we’re always looking to those sort of people. We’ve got ads going at the moment but on our website, which is www.therapyconnect.com.au, you can register your interest in joining us. We’re always interested and we always follow up.

Thank you both so much for your time, and for the wonderful work that you do to help so many families, and their children, and therapists as well across Australia. So thanks for your time. Megan