Who we work with

Therapy Connect has worked with people from across all states and territories of Australia. Distance is no barrier so you might be in a major city like Sydney or on an island in the Torres Strait. Most of the people we work with are from rural or regional areas with a significant number living in remote or very remote areas.

We deliver services in people’s homes, schools, childcare and preschool and work with individuals, carers, families, teachers, aides and support workers.


Case Study 1 | Therapy anywhere

George and Paula are siblings and both have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). They live in a very remote region of the Northern Territory and attend the local primary school. Their geographical isolation meant they had to wait for a visiting service once every 4-6 weeks. The local Occupational Therapist was concerned that they were not getting enough therapy support and referred them to Therapy Connect.

Therapy Connect connected George and Paula with an Occupational Therapist and then later with a Speech Pathologist. Because of the flexibility of telepractice, their therapists could meet with the family weekly at their home, at school or even the grandparents’ house for sessions. Soon therapies were arranged weekly at different locations and therapy strategies could be shared with parents, teachers and support staff at school as well as the extended family.

Overall, George and Paula’s parents and grandparents feel more confident in their ability to support George and Paula in achieving their goals.

Case Study 2 | No more waiting lists

Xavier and his family live in Tasmania. Xavier is 3 1/2 years old, had been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and was non-verbal. His family heard about Therapy Connect on a local Facebook page and thought they would give therapy by videoconference a try as long waiting lists make it very hard to access occupational therapy in Tasmania.

We held an initial session with the family to explain how we deliver occupational therapy supports online and answer their questions. Therapy Connect matched them with an occupational therapist from the team who had the best skills and could accommodate a time that suited both working parents. They were excited to start sessions online and after 5 months of weekly sessions at home, the family report being really pleased with Xavier’s progress. 

What has worked well for their family is being able to access weekly therapy that suits their full-time work schedules and having the therapy sessions in their own home, where Xavier is most relaxed and ready to engage.