Dietetics and Nutrition

Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition and can help you plan and manage your diet to ensure you maintain your health.

You may benefit from the support of a dietitian if: 

  • you have significant weight change or a poor appetite or difficulty preparing or eating food; 
  • you have a newly-diagnosed chronic disease or there are signs that a chronic illness is not being managed;
  • your young child is not thriving, is a fussy or selective eater, has difficulty progressing to solid foods or has allergies or intolerances; or
  • you or your child has an eating disorder.

A dietitian can assess diet and lifestyle and help you with the skills and information you need to ensure that you or your child receive adequate nutrition and maintain a healthy relationship with food with the minimum of mealtime stress.

Dietitians can also assess and provide advice on how to manage common nutritional issues such as iron deficiency, anaemia, constipation and bloating.