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Are you feeling lost and confused about NDIS planning for your child? You’re not alone! The process can be overwhelming, let us simplify the steps with an OBLIGATION FREE Clinical Service Planning appointment (CSP).

Book a call with one of our experienced Senior Practitioners and get the expert guidance you need.

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A CSP is a ‘clinical service planning’ session. It’s an initial appointment with a Senior Practitioner to gather background information about the child and identify areas for therapy. 

The Practitioner will make recommendations and choose the best practitioner for the child and family based on their desired outcomes and the skills and expertise of the practitioner.

The CSP appointment is primarily for the parent or someone new to the NDIS process. 

The purpose of the CSP appointment is to obtain background information, discuss your NDIS plan, identify key areas for therapy, discuss goals, review funding, make recommendations, and match you with the best practitioner. 

The CSP appointment is an hour long.

The practitioner will send a summary report outlining all recommendations made in the planning session. 

Our client services team will make a follow up call with you to discuss a service agreement, and how to work with Therapy Connect.

Yes, the cost of CSP is $290.99 (depending on location) and is covered by NDIS. Should you not be a part of the NDIS scheme, you will be billed directly.