Tracy Rhodes

Tracy is a dedicated occupational therapist with 16 years of experience gained working both in Australia and the United Kingdom. Whilst Tracy specializes in and is particularly passionate about peadiatric occupational therapy, she has extensive experience working with clients of all ages. She has worked in educational settings, hospitals, community based Not-For-Profit and government organisations, and is driven every day by having a positive impact on the lives of her clients. Tracy employs a consultative approach and seeks to understand her clients in a holistic way. This allows her to clearly identify needs and formulate tailored treatment plans based on her clients’ specific abilities and needs. Her focus is on maximizing the effectiveness of therapy by working collaboratively with her client’s and their families to identifying achievable goals and develop individualised occupational therapy programs. She has a Master in Special Education and has completed specialised training in Sensory Integration, Theraplay, Play and Autism, Family Systems Therapy and Bruce Perry’s Neuro-sequential Model of Therapeutics.  Tracy is also a mum to two beautiful children and two dogs.

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