Robbie Cameron

Robbie Cameron graduated with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at La Trobe University in 2008 and is a Practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia. Since graduating, Robbie has worked with children, teens, and adults in schools, homes, and clinics.

Robbie’s extensive range of experience includes articulation, phonological awareness, language skills, fluency, social skills, functional skills, auditory processing and working memory. Additionally, she has worked with adult voice and accent modification.

Robbie came to Speech Pathology later in life, studying when she was already a parent, so she understands that families have incredibly busy schedules, and helps families to support learning in ways that best suit their lives, whether the therapy is for a child or an adult in their family.

Robbie believes that when working with children, therapy needs to be fun and engaging, so brings her range of experiences – as a therapist, a parent, and a creative – into the therapy space. She works to make sure everyone she sees leaves their session looking forward to the next one!

When working with adults, Robbie knows that it is important that there is a strong partnership throughout the therapy journey, working towards the goals that her clients are aiming to achieve.

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