Speech and Language Therapy is about helping children to communicate to the best of their ability. It allows our therapists to meet your child where they are at and identify how to move them forward in their speech, language and communication development as well as other areas of learning that may be impacted.  

There are many benefits to speech therapy and the results can show up in a variety of ways.

  1. The child’s ability to communicate in general is greatly improved

Children that struggle to exchange their wants and needs or ideas with others can become easily frustrated and can sometimes shut down because they aren’t feeling understood.  Speech Therapy assists your child in their overall communication development which can make them feel more confident in all areas of their world. Speech Therapy helps children to articulate words and sentences more clearly, aiding their learning in a positive way as they are no longer struggling with the basics of communication, giving them the ability to utilise their precious headspace to develop in their learning.  

  1. Their capacity to focus, engage and understand is improved.

It might seem like a child is not listening but in reality they just may not be able to understand the verbal and non-verbal communication cues that we use, such as facial expression or tone of voice, or be able to connect the dots in what we are communicating and asking of them. This can once again lead to frustration and withdrawal, hindering learning and growth.  Many kids are getting left behind in education these days because these foundational skills and struggles go unaddressed making the processing of knowledge significantly harder and more challenging for you child. Kids struggle to integrate their learning on these levels. Speech therapy can help grow their foundational learning skills, with positive side effects such as focus, the ability to engage and understand direction, and the ability to apply this to the world around them.

  1.   Develop good friendships & communication with others

There is nothing more isolating for a child who cannot communicate and build friendships with other children. Speech therapy can boost a child’s overall sense of happiness and wellbeing where they can grow in confidence with their communication, being able to form deeper bonds with their peers and those around them.  

The ability to verbally communicate is an important life skill.  Speech therapy can help in areas of Receptive and Expressive language, the ability to formulate information and connect the dots, through to autism challenges, intellectual disabilities and stuttering.  It’s about working on their foundational skills so they can better embrace their education, growth and the world around them.

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