A psychologist helps children and families manage developmental challenges with emotion, thought processes, learning and behaviour.

A Psychologist focuses on the mind and behaviour of children also supporting parents and carers.

Psychology helps children develop their ability to cope with stressors (such as anxiety, anger, grief) and manage issues in their learning/educational environment (learning difficulties, social difficulties and friendship challenges) be that in the home, child care, kindergarten or school setting.

A Psychologist works closely with children, parents/carers and teachers to develop strategies that can linked into daily routines across all of the settings your child participates in such as home, childcare, playgroup, kinder and school

A psychologist understands that there may be other factors contributing to learning and behaviour challenges. For instance, language issues requiring Speech Therapy or Sensory Processing differences requiring Occupational Therapy.

Therapy Connect can refer you to a psychologist who is able to work with us to help support your child.