Ever wish life could be a bit easier? Well today is your lucky day!

The NDIS has just released an App. Not one of those boring Apps that’s not much different to a brochure on a website, but an app that actually makes submitting claims, making payments and keeping track of your budget EASIER. Woo hoo!

It is well worth the five minutes it will take to download and get familiar with the My NDIS App because this is a game-changer for parents and carers.

Life managing NDIS is about to get a whole LOT EASIER and save you lots of TIME!! (Can you tell we’re excited?).

Just follow a few simple steps to get started:

  1. Download the My NDIS App
    1. You can get it here on Google Play my NDIS – Apps on Google Play
    2. Or here on the Apple Apps Store my NDIS on the App Store (apple.com)
  2. Then set up your profile. Here’s a handy video to show you how to get set up and sign into the My NDIS App in just a few minutes: (54) How to sign in to the my NDIS app on your phone – YouTube

Here is some more useful information on making a claim from the My NDIS App Making claims | NDIS from your self-managed budget.

And the My NDIS App also shows your current plan information and budget. You can use the app to:

  • See a timeline of your plan
  • Read your goals and information about you
  • Check your budget
  • See how much funding is available in each support category

We hope you enjoy using this handy piece of technology as much as we do!

About Therapy Connect

Therapy Connect is a multi-disciplinary allied health telehealth therapy service that supports children and families across Australia with speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, dietetics and physiotherapy services.

We offer a coordinated team approach meaning that families can access Therapy Anywhere Anytime. And we work with each family to coordinate your therapy to help your child achieve their goals stress-free.

For more information visit www.therapyconnect.com.au and fill in and enquiry form, or contact our friendly customer support team on 1300 757 806.