How does online therapy work?

Online therapy uses videoconferencing technology to deliver therapy services over the internet wherever you may be; at home, school, preschool or childcare.

Online is just like face-to-face speech therapy but instead of sitting across the table from the therapist you will be viewing each other across the internet on your computer screens. Therapists are working in real time with children and families or helpers using established best practices. We work to link therapy strategies into daily routines at home, childcare, kinder and school.

Therapy Connect can schedule appointments at a time that suits.

What technology is required?

All you need is a computer or tablet with a camera, microphone and an internet connection. If you don’t have the internet or your connection is too slow, we will try to find an internet facility in your community that you can use. Our therapists will help you connect to the browser based videoconferencing platform used. There is no software to install or download.

What Resources do we use?

Activities are determined according to the child’s individual needs and may be digital (presented on the screen) or hands on. Activities can be mailed or emailed before your session. Parents may be asked to gather up materials, toys, books or other items ready for a therapy session. We may suggest storing them in a box ready for therapy sessions.

We may use a variety of digital resources such as turn taking games, stories, interactive activities where we screen share so both the child and therapist are working together. These activities are selected to build up specific skills relating to therapy goals.


Who does Therapy Connect work with?

Therapy Connect therapists are highly experienced in working with children aged 0-12 years and their families.

Children we work with may experience difficulties with; language and communication, sensory processing, attention and concentration, fine motor and handwriting, daily routines such as toileting and managing mealtimes, behaviour and social skills.

We work with families, carers and educators to link strategies into daily routines in order to achieve therapy goals.

Our focus is always on coaching the people in the child’s life who will have the most opportunity to practise strategies in real life environments. The parent or helper needs to be present during the therapy session just as they would in a clinic based session.


Where does Therapy Connect work?

We work in the child’s natural settings so that therapy strategies can be linked in to typical routines. Sessions are usually conducted with children in their homes, schools, preschools, kinder or community centre.

Does the evidence support online services?

There is evidence that clinical outcomes and client satisfaction with online therapy are equivalent to conventional face-to-face therapy.

Speech pathology evidence is that online therapy offers equivalent outcomes compared with traditional speech therapy. There is emerging evidence showing positive support for online occupational therapy.

Therapy Connect is partnering with the University of Sydney to conduct research on the acceptability and effectiveness of online therapy for children with disabilities. We aim to contribute to the body of evidence that supports telepractice as an industry.


What are the benefits of online therapy?

Online therapy offers increased frequency and access with no need for travel. This means that families can set the dosage of therapy they require. (weekly, fortnightly or monthly etc.). For many families who find it difficult to locate face to face therapy we can offer the significant benefit of increased access and frequency of service.

Sessions are easy to schedule and set up. Online therapy is engaging for children. Sessions are enjoyable and children look forward to therapy.


About Therapy Connect

Therapy Connect is a therapy service offering high quality teletherapy supports online using videoconferencing.  “We offer a coordinated team approach meaning that families can access Therapy Anywhere Anytime”.

Therapy Connect is owned and operated by Simone Dudley and Sue Cameron. Simone is an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years clinical experience working in paediatrics across both the public and private sectors in rural & regional NSW.

Sue Cameron is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with more than 25 years experience working in health and education. Together they are passionate about ensuring country people have access to high quality services.

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