PODCAST SERIES: Surviving home isolation through COVID-19 with the whole family

With all of us juggling roles around parenting, educating from home, working from home and managing additional stress of home isolation we have a free resource that may help. We have recorded a podcast on a series of topics with our expert therapy team. We share our tips and ideas to help you get through this time on topics such as why routines are important and how to create them, the importance of physical activity and ideas for small spaces, what movement breaks are and why they are important, how to calm kids when anxious or excited, supporting language and literacy at home and screen time pros and cons.  Please share this link with your friends and family.


  • Physical Activity is really important for a number of reasons
  • You can encourage physical activity with minimal resources
  • We recommend parents get involved

Ask a Physiotherapist for tailored advice and programs specific to child’s needs, routines and family. Click here to learn more. 



Cosmic Yoga 
Down Dog – Free yoga App. Excellent quality and easy to modify to suit your needs (5 mins-90 mins). App available free due to COVID-19. Great for parents (I use this one a lot) and also for school aged kids who are able to in terms of coordination/motor planning.
ExerciseBuddy App
Exercise with Dave
Fit Bit App
Go Noodle
Just Dance
Wii Fit

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