Diane Leffler

Diane has over 20 years experience working with school aged children and young adults with
various communication needs, including speech sound errors, receptive and expressive
language difficulties and disorders, social language/pragmatic language disorders, and
stuttering. She is a fun-loving educator who believes that all children should have access to
high quality educational supports and should not be limited by rural locations or the lack of
Speech Language Pathologists in their area. She is Hanen certified in It Takes Two to Talk and
enjoys working closely with young children and their families. She also has extensive training in
Social Thinking and is passionate about teaching children and adolescents with social language
difficulties, how to navigate the social world.
Diane is dedicated to helping children and adults communicate effectively, so that they can
share their thoughts and ideas clearly and make meaningful connections with their family and
Diane is from Canada and currently lives in Western Australia. She has also lived and worked as
a Speech and Language pathologist in the USA as well as Indonesia. Diane spends her free time
doing Pilates, yoga, learning to sail and traveling as much as possible.

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