Therapy connect services are ideal for families who live remotely or find it difficult to travel.

Therapy connect services
are ideal for families who live
remotely or find it difficult
to travel.

Therapy Connect provides online therapy
services using videoconferencing technology.


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Children stay in their
natural settings

Therapy can be conducted at home,
school, preschool or childcare.



It works

You can receive effective therapy online.


Therapy Anywhere Anytime

Offering online therapy to children and families experiencing developmental difficulties.

Here is why so many families choose Therapy Connect:
  • It is easy

    You can make an appointment and set the frequency that is convenient for you and your child.

  • It works

    You can receive effective online therapy from speech pathology, occupational therapy and psychology.

  • We are experienced

    Professional and experienced, Therapy Connect incorporates best practice evidence into your therapy.

  • No travel time or expense

    Therapy connect services are ideal for families who live remotely or find it difficult to travel.

  • Children stay in their natural settings

    Therapy Connect can conduct sessions with children at home, school, preschool or childcare.

Therapy Connect provides online therapy services using videoconferencing technology. We provide families and children access to therapy at a location that suits, at a time that suits.

TelepracticeA legitimate choice for quality disability services.

Here we discuss some of the myths surrounding telepractice.

Therapy Connect has partnered withThe University of Sydney in research on the provision of therapy supports via telepractice. See the telepractice guidelines developed as a result and please contact us for more information.

Our Services

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy aims to support family and carers to improve a child’s communication so that they can participate more fully in everyday life.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focus on teaching the necessary skill, modifying the task, adapting the environment and educating the client/family in order to increase participation and performance.

Meet Our Team

Sue Cameron
B App Sci (Speech Pathology); MSPAA; CPSP

Sue is a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist with more than 25 years experience working in health and education. For most of her career she has worked in a country hospital with a varied caseload.

Her passion for ensuring that country people have equitable access to high quality services has led to her interest in telepractice and telespeech therapy in particular.

Sue works with children with a whole range of communication and swallowing disorders. She takes a person or family centred approach to therapy and agrees upon suitable goals with the client or family members before commencing telespeech therapy. Sue aims to teach parents and carers how they can help their family member reach their full communication potential.

Simone Dudley
BAppSc(OT), Grad Cert Hlth Sc(OT), BA Ed (Primary)

Simone is a registered occupational therapist with 25 years experience working in a range of public and private settings including paediatric and Early Intervention Services. She has 9 years teaching experience working in the areas of disability, behaviour and learning difficulties, with kinder & primary ages students.

Simone is experienced and passionate about providing assessment and intervention for children, particularly those who are on the autism spectrum or have developmental delays.

She is passionate about “supporting children’s participation in their primary roles as players, learners and family members by providing goal based information, strategies and coaching interventions”.

Simone is mother to three children. She well understands the challenges of raising children and being able to access necessary services.

Julie Tan
BSc Speech Pathology (clinical Merit) CPSP

Julie is a certified practising speech pathologist who has worked for over twenty years, developing, rehabilitating and improving the communication and feeding skills of both children and adults, in Australia, New Zealand and in Britain where she trained. She loves to work closely with the team around her client; families, carers and all other professionals involved.

She created CAMP: a training tool which aims to achieve better skilled communication partners for her clients who are complex communicators and who may use AAC. She presented on this project at the ISAAC conference in Barcelona, Spain 2010, entitled “Communicate Group: Training for Good Communication with AAC” and has since presented on CAMP both in NZ and Australia.

She holds post-graduate qualifications in both Adult & Paediatric dysphagia. She is a founding member of the MEAHLS team, (Mealtime and Eating Allied Health Liaison Service), one of the first community-based feeding teams in WA.

She developed the “Strengths for Life Profile” with an Occupational Therapy colleague and they have presented on the profile and its principles of strengths based and client centered practice at many notable conferences including the National OT conference in Perth WA, 2017 and the NDIS National Conference 2017.

She is currently an MPhil student at Curtin University, where her research is focused on the family perspectives of the support received for their child who has a disability and a feeding and/or swallowing disorder.

Lucy Bray
BAppSc (OT)

Lucy is a registered occupational therapist with seven years’ experience, working in early intervention, private practice and specialist school settings, in both Australia and Hong Kong. She has worked extensively with children with a range of disabilities, diagnoses and developmental delays in the clinic, home, community and education settings. These experiences have offered Lucy the opportunity to work closely with families, caregivers, educators and other allied health professionals, working collaboratively as a team, in focusing on what is important to each individual child and their family. Lucy believes that parent/carer involvement is an essential part of therapy in order for children to achieve their full potential.

Lucy is an enthusiastic occupational therapist with a passion for working with children and their families. She enjoys providing fun, engaging and motivating therapy sessions, incorporating the child’s interests, strengths and unique and individual characteristics, to enable skill development and opportunities to achieve their goals to become as independent as possible in meaningful daily activities.

Lucy believes that every child should have the opportunity to engage in quality therapy services and believes that telepractice allows for this.

Anna Buffon

Anna is a registered occupational therapist with seven years’ experience working in a range of public, private and not-for-profit settings in Melbourne and regional Victoria/NSW. She has worked in various areas of Paediatrics including; Early Intervention, school, kinder and home-based services. Anna has experience providing support to children with diverse backgrounds and challenges including; developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, vision impairment, Intellectual Disability, social skills and feeding issues.  

Anna is passionate about improving developmental outcomes for children using a strengths-based approach. She believes that Telepractice is a positive method for supporting children and family to develop everyday routines in the natural environment.

Anna aims to empower families by working collaboratively with them to achieve family-centred goals.